De Dusting Tunnel

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The De-Dusting Booth system is used to remove the loose particles/dust present on the receiving materials, which will be brought into the warehousing area before they are transferred into the quarantine area.

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Technical Specifications

  • MOC ( SS304 / CRCA Powder coated / double wall PUFF filled panel )
  • Conveyor for materials transfer ( SS 304 roller / MS coated roller / PVC/Mesh )
  • High velocity HEPA FILTER Jet system (Above 5000 fpm)with manual adjustable direction control
  • Dust extract system HEPA protected at discharge ensuring no air escape from the system
  • Control system ( PLC / Manual ) with differential pressure gauges
  • Removable dust collection tray on wheel.
  • LED concealed light providing light intensity in excess of 400 Lux
  • 2 stage filtration at supply and exhaust.
  • Blower Assembly : Dynamically and statically balanced high static centrifugal blower
  • Nozzles : Made out of SS 304 fixed type or adjustable flush type being fixed on either side of walls and ceiling
  • Drive unit : multiple industrial chains controlled with in-built motor of varied speeds
  • SS/PVC roller option. Vertical brushing system also available
  • All tunnels are validated and shipped prior to dispatch with DQ,IQ,OQ as per GMP Std.


Warranty and Service Support

We provide 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of dispatch, We believe in best of the quality and after-sales service support.



  • Design Qualification
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operational Qualification



  • M.O.C. Certificate
  • Test Certificate for Controller
  • Other Required Certificates
  • Filter Test Certificate
  • Motor Blower Test Certificate
  • Control Panel Test Certificate
  • Differential Pressure Gauge Calibration Certificate


Areas of Application

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Hospitals and Medial
  • Microbiology Laboratories
  • Chemical Research Laboratories
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Electronics Industries


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