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An air curtain is a device that can effectively separate two different environments without the need for a solid doorway in between. The air stream which is let out from the machine at whatever point the entryway opens causes no limitation in development. It is a proven way to control the temperatures of a room, especially one with an intact air conditioning system.

Air curtains Manufacturers and supplied by Care Equipment at an affordable price.

How does an air curtain work?

Air Curtains essentially create an invisible barrier of high-speed air to isolate and make due conditions, keeping conditioned air inside your work area, while keeping unconditioned air, pests, and pollutants out. CFI Air Curtains can be mounted above a doorway opening, just above the header. Surrounding air is drawn through the front admission barbecue and into the fan baskets.

The blower wheel powers the air into CFI’s cutting-edge air chambers, packing the air and compelling it to descend through the release nozzle. An undetectable air safeguard is made that fills in as the boundary keeping conditioned air from leaving the structure and hindering external air from entering, in any event, when there is no primary door in place.


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Where air curtains are used?

Air curtains keep customers comfortable, saving energy, and keeping debris and pests outdoors. Installing an air curtain in commercial and industrial places like restaurants, hospitals, stores, factories, malls, and many more places is the best move you can make in mitigating these kinds of concerns.

Air curtains are submitted over the entryway in request to make a strong air seal to keep conditioned air in the building and dirt and debris out. A correctly installed and fully efficient
Air curtain can save your business a large chunk of change, by decreasing how much intensity is lost through open entryways.

What are the benefits of air curtains?

Boosts Customer’s Comfort

Keeping clients blissful is basic to all restaurants, and organizations; cold premises can put clients off and may influence the efficiency of your staff. During winter, air curtains disrupt the natural convection effect of warm air spilling out of an open doorway and being replaced by incoming cold air. On both hot and cold days, air curtains keep clients situated near the entryway, or joyfully sitting tight for a table, in an agreeable, sans smoke climate. Joining an air curtain with a friendly climate and great inside plan can draw in clients and keep them inside for longer. An air curtain is an investment that will not only reduce your outgoing bills but increase your profits.

Energy Cost Cutting

An entryway is welcoming to clients, yet it additionally welcomes undesirable virus air. Conventional warming frameworks in eateries can be extremely wasteful, particularly in huge premises with open entryways. Air curtains create an invisible door that prevents the inflow of external air and restricts the outflow of indoor air, protecting inside temperatures in the dining room, bar, or walk-in cooler. This outcome in less mileage on your warming or cooling framework and recoveries you from bringing about unnecessary warming bills. Air curtains can amplify the investment funds spent on warming by working couples with existing heating Systems and diminishing heat loss.

Promotes functioning of Heating or Cooling Systems

With a proficient air curtain, the heat loss through café entryways is definitely decreased. At the point when the heat loss is diminished, the current heating system can have a ton of superfluous overabundance strain removed. This could amount to less use and increment the life expectancy and usefulness of your ongoing heating system. This same effect applies to air conditioning in the summer months.

Healthy &Clean Environment

Air curtains advance a sound and clean climate in a café by limiting flying bugs and different toxins like dust, residue, and exhaust from traffic. This is because they’re designed to create an effective seal by re-circulating facility air in a smooth flow across an open doorway, making it harder for outside air to penetrate their curtain.

Maintain Employee Productivity

Comfortable workers are cheerful representatives, and blissful workers don’t leave. air curtains keep the administration section, kitchen, and back-of-the-house regions clean and smoke-free. An air curtain lets warm air out of the base to the top keeping the temperatures of your restaurant in charge. It wipes out the trading of warm and cold air, subsequently, preventing the draft. Throughout the mid-year season, it advances cool air in your business building, and keeps hot air out, keeping an agreeable climate. It motivates employees and reduces absenteeism.

Air curtains Manufacturers by Care Equipment?

Care Equipment is the largest domestic Air Curtains manufacturers and supplier with a vast product implementation across various industry verticals. With PAN India’s presence, our help team is just a call away.

Care Equipment Air curtains reduce your electricity bill by 40%. Additionally, we are a loved brand among various companies with the best feedback and results from customers over the years. This as of now makes us the biggest seller of Air Curtains that carry huge investment funds alongside different advantages.

Technical Specifications

Air Curtains - Technical Details by Care Equipment

Warranty and Service Support

We provide 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of dispatch, We believe in best of the quality and after-sales service support.


Areas of Application

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Hospitals and Medial
  • Microbiology Laboratories
  • Chemical Research Laboratories
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Electronics Industries