Clean Room Furniture

Staff Locker

SS Cupboard

SS Cupboard

MS Staff Locker

Apron Locker

SS Cabinet

MS Cupboard

Instrument Cabinet

Cross Over Bench

Cross Over Bench with Box

S Type Cross Over Bench

Cross Over Bench L Type

Computer Table

SS Laboratory

SS Working Table with Drawer

Working Table

Working Table

Revolving Chair

Visitor Stool

SS Chair

SS Chair

Revolving Stool

SS Three Seat Bench

SS Bench

Sink Unit

2 Sink Unit

3 Sink Unit

Two Sink with Work Table

Pol Dustbin

Pedal Dustbin


Swing Dustbin

Foot Operated Wash Basin

Wash Basin

Wall Mounted Wash Basin

Sensor & Foot Operated Wash Basin

SS Pot Racks

SS Racks

Wall Mount Racks

SS Mug

Liquid Sampler

Open and Close Scoop

Powder Sampler

SS Tool Box

SS Hammer with Teflon edge

SS Pallet

Oil Can


SOP / Document Stand

Soap Dispenser


IPA Stand

SS Square Container

Notching Container

SS Ladder

Dirty Dish Trolley

Flour Mixing Machine

Grey Machine

Can Type Container

SS Drain Trap

Folding Table

Canteen Fix Table

Canteen Table

Water Cooler

CARE EQUIPMENT's Clean Room Equipment Products

Laminar Airflow Unit (Workstation)

Laminar Airflow Unit (Workstation) is a cabinet fitted with a HEPA filtered airflow system. Here, laminar means a unidirectional constant flow of air with...

Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety Cabinets are specialized workstations widely used in clinical, pharmaceutical, life science and industrial laboratories where experiments need highly contaminant free environment. Also known...

Air Curtains

An air curtain is a device that can effectively separate two different environments without the need for a solid doorway in between. The air...